Since 1988 Dickow Pump Company, Inc. has been the NAFTA trading area distributor of Dickow Pumpen KG, a family-owned German pump company that began manufacturing pumps in 1910.

Dickow pumps are working steadily and dependably in all corners of the globe. As the technical world leader in magnetic drive pumps, Dickow holds many patents, is ISO 9001 certified, and is a supplier-partner of major chemical companies worldwide.

Dickow Pump specializes in supplying sealless metallic centrifugal, multi-stage centrifugal, and side channel pumps with a magnetic coupling. These are available in ANSI, DIN, and fully conform to API 685 standards for sealless centrifugal pumps for petroleum, heavy-duty chemical, and gas industry applications. Conventionally sealed centrifugal, multi-stage centrifugal, side channel and API 610 pumps are also available in DIN and fully conform to many of the API plans. All units are carefully sized and built to the customer’s particular fluid, hydraulic requirements and condition point. Dickow pumps are not mass produced, but rather are manufactured to the highest standards for very specific chemical environments and applications.

Our Marietta, GA location stocks some commonly used pump types and sizes and an extensive array of replacement parts. Our repair facility is able to repair or rebuild any Dickow Pump.



The main advantage of the magnetic coupling is that the liquid pumped is hermetically sealed from the atmosphere. The driving power of the motor is transferred from the outer magnets through the containment shell to the inner magnet which is connected, via a shaft, to the impeller. The inner and outer magnets are synchronously connected, meaning the pump speed is equal to the motor speed.

Dickow’s standard containment shell is made from Hastelloy which reduces eddy currents. Pumps can also be supplied with ceramic shells, as well as with shells constructed of titanium and peek materials, which create no eddy currents. We also offer two segmented containment shells for the largest magnetic couplings available. Dickow continually tests different materials and pump configurations, as we are always seeking ways to improve our products and meet new challenges.


Dickow uses Silicon Carbide (SIC) as a slide bearing material due to its very high hardness and excellent corrosion and wear resistance. This material allows applications in all kinds of liquids such as solvents, acids, hydroxides and more. The sleeve-type SIC bearings located in the fluid require no lubrication, only a stable fluid film between the surfaces (similar to the situation between seal faces).


All magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps require the heat associated from the eddy currents to be dissipated. The Dickow design takes fluid from the pump discharge and circulates it back to the magnets, where a rear impeller increases the pressure, and through some channels in the bearing housing returns it to the discharge. This arrangement does not have any effect on the suction conditions.

Thrust can be a major concern with all mag drive pumps, since the pump shaft is not connected to the motor. Dickow addresses this issue with a unique pump design where the rear impeller pushes opposite of the pump impeller, thus hydraulically balancing the thrust load. This in turn provides for no wear of the SIC start up rings or the slide bearings.


Standard materials for casings and wetted parts include Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel, and Hastelloy C-4. Optional materials include Duplex Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, and others on request.

Count on Dickow Pumps for quality, reliability and longevity in service for your toughest chemical processing environments because performance is everything.

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